Chapter Sisterhood

Chapter Retreats 

Organized by our Member Development Chairman, chapter retreats are a fun way for our entire chapter to take a small trip outside of Berkeley. It's amazing to bond with new members as well as hangout with the sisters you love and cherish. On the overnight vacation, members participate in bonding exercises, as well as fun activities like rock climbing or zip lining! Chapter retreats are an amazing way to refresh our sisterhood and spend quality time with one another. 

Deltas Only Events

To solidify Tri Delta's sisterhood and to continue to develop each member as a part of the chapter as a whole, "Deltas Only" events are put on every month. As the name suggests, these events are exclusive to active Tri Delta members and include a range of activities from spa days to laser tag tournaments! Pictured below, a Deltas Only in October that was a trip to a local pumpkin patch and corn maze! Deltas Only's facilitate a closer bond through wholesome fun and shared experiences. They are an important, and wonderfully enjoyable, addition to Tri Delta's enhancement of the college experience. 

Bigs and Littles

Every new member will be assigned a "big sis" when joining Tri Delta. A "big" acts as a mentor to their "little," helping them adjust to campus and sorority life. There is nothing like the bond of a big and little — they will often be mistaken as best friends! One of the most exciting parts of the big/little relationship is big/little reveal week! New members get gifts with clues about who their Bigs are and at the end of the week Big Sisters reveal themselves to their Littles, and everyone celebrates their new family!