Delta Delta Delta

Pi Chapter Chapter at University of California, Berkeley

Chapter Officers

Andrea Meagher


As the chapter president, I consolidate relations between our chapter members, the Tri Delta national office, chapter advisors, university officials, and the UC Berkeley campus at large. I also work with the Vice Presidents to make sure that all of our officers are executing their office to the best of their abilities. I am the presiding officer of all chapter meetings and I sit on every standing committee, overseeing matters ranging from recruitment and Big/Little pairings to finance and member discipline. I travel to our executive office in Dallas every year to represent Pi chapter at our National Convention with a few other chapter officers. Most importantly, I maintain positive chapter morale and do my best to live out Tri Delta's purpose every day. I love that I have the ability to implement positive change for the chapter. I also love working closely with our advisors who are all exceptionally inspiring women. I think the best part about being president is getting to share my love for this chapter with all of our members at chapter meetings each week and during special sisterhood events.

Veronica Ellis

Vice President of Administration

VP of Administration is a multifaceted officer position that involves a lot if planning and organization. Some of the responsibilities of VP/A include running officer council, managing the chapter calendar, hosting national visitors and serving on OTC. I enjoy this position because it allows you to be fully involved in the operation of the chapter.

Kaylee Racs

Vice President of Membership

As the VP of Membership, I am in charge of all recruitment events and serve as the head of our chapter's Membership team. I organize various activities and events, allowing the larger UC Berkeley community to meet my amazing Tri Delta sisters. I coordinate Fall Formal Recruitment at the beginning of the Fall semester and help to strengthen our sisterhood throughout pre-recruitment. I love my position because it allows me to meet so many interesting young women at UC Berkeley and show them why Tri Delta is such a welcoming, supportive, and beautifully passionate community.

Wynter Daggs

Vice President of Chapter Development

As Vice President of Chapter Development, I ensure that all members of Tri Delta are developing intellectually, emotionally, and mentally. I uphold the traditions and rituals that are kept near and dear to the hearts of every Tri Delta sister. Not only do I facilitate rituals, but I also ensure that every member of the chapter is upholding her obligations of sisterhood.

Leena Sanka

Vice President of Finance

As VP of Finance, I manage all aspects of our chapter's finances, and I create our chapter operations budget for the next academic year. I work to ensure each member's financial status by offering various financial payment options, as our payment options are tailored to each member's individual needs. My position offers many useful life skills, especially in personal finance, and I have learned to better manage money and budget expenses accordingly.

Tasha Golani

Vice President of Public Relations

As VP of Public Relations, I am responsible for maintaining appropriate chapter relations within both the Greek and Cal communities. I also oversee the largest committee of officers and their image and marketing-related operations, and I manage the chapter's website and social media outlets, like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Joelle Martin

Academic Chairman

It is my responsibility to oversee and uphold the academic standards of each member and to serve as a mentor and resource to members in need of additional academic support. Every semester I plan an Academic Dinner where members can invite professors and instructors into our house, and where members are acknowledged for their academic achievements. I also sit on the Standards Committee.

Grace Harrison

New Member Educator

As New Member Educator, I prepare all new members for initiation by holding weekly new member education meetings where they learn everything they need to know in order to be an active member of Tri Delta. I serve as a resource for the members to assist them whenever they have questions or concerns, and I am the liaison between the chapter and the new members. I also plan Bid Day, help choose sponsors for the new members, and serve as a member on the Standards Committee.

Oana Pop

House Manager

My duties involve maintaining the TriDelta residence and surrounding property. I work with other officers and the house director to ensure the quality of living and wellness of the residents, as well as monitoring the condition and maintenance of the house. I am responsible for helping to coordinate meal service, house and utility repairs, security, emergency preparedness, and staffing. It is also my job to hold members accountable to national and chapter house policies.

Emma Brown


As secretary, my main roles include recording member attendance at all events including chapter meetings, philanthropy events, and ceremonies, and taking chapter meeting minutes. I enjoy my position because it allows me to interact not only with the administration team, but with the chapter as a whole.

Amy Schmalkuche

Risk Management Chairman

I ensure the safety of the chapter, making sure that our house is secure at night and that our members look out for one another at social events. I am also involved in educating our chapter about risks, safety, and health by organizing presentations regarding such topics each semester. I like that my role contributes to protecting and promoting the well-being of our chapter's members.

Bree Lund

Music Chairman

My job is to promote the respect of all Tridelta music and help to educate the chapter on it. I like my position because I get to work directly with people and learn a lot of new skills, like how to sing.

Miranda Guerrero

Sponsor Chairman

My primary job as Sponsor Chairman is to assign sponsors to all the new members. I also plan the gifts and activities for Alpha Week and any other big/little bonding events. In the fall I plan Presents, an event where the new members are "presented" by their bigs to their parents and the rest of the chapter. I love my position because it's very rewarding getting to see these great friendships develop between the big and little sisters!

Oana Pop

Member Development Chairman

As Member Development Chairman, I am responsible for facilitating growth within each individual sister and the chapter as a whole. I do this by leading open meetings on the last Monday of every month, creating purposeful events that enhance the sisterhood and character of the chapter, and by encouraging all members to be the most exemplary women they can be. I love my position because it has given me the opportunity to get to know the members of our chapter on a profound level, which has proven to be deeply rewarding.

Vanessa Shieh

Collegiate Alumnae Relations Chairman

I manage and maintain collegiate alumnae relations and plan and host a variety of events including alumni tea, career workshops and panels. I am also the main liaison between our alumni network and our chapter. I really enjoy my position because I get to meet our alumni in many different settings and plan fun events!

Ashlynn Timmerman

Continuing Education Chairman

My job is to plan Founders Day, Senior Week, educate the chapter on our history, scrapbook our history, and send in chapter histories to nationals every semester. I also am a part of Officer's Training Committee, which oversees all officers are trained for their positions, and to provide them with additional resources.

Amy Schmalkuche


I work closely with the VP of Finance to manage the finances of the chapter by mainly overseeing the payments of members. I like being able to see where all of our money is going and making sure that we are using it appropriately.

Kaitlynn Ly

Licensing Chairman

I serve as Pi Chapter's Licensing Chairman, which means I get to design all of our Tri-Delta apparel and accessories! My favorite part about my position is seeing all of my sisters out on gamedays and around campus wearing the attire I designed. It makes me feel unified with our sisterhood, which makes my job so rewarding!

Julia Scheinman

Panhellenic Delegate and GAMMA Representative

As Panhellenic Delegate I am responsible for external relations with other sororities and the Panhellenic council both on campus and nationally. I represent the chapter's voice at bi-weekly Panhellenic Council meetings as well as plan sister mixers with other chapters. I love being Panhellenic Delegate because it is a fun way to spread the word about all the great things our chapter is doing while making friends in other sororities! As the GAMMA representative of Cal Tri Delta, I ensure that the house is educated on alcohol usage and safe partying while also providing resources and support to those who need it.

Kaylee Racs

Internal Philanthropy Chairman

I get the amazing task of organizing all of our chapter's fundraising efforts for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I plan at least two events per semester and coordinate our Sincerely Yours Letter-Writing campaign in the Fall. My philanthropy committee and I are currently planning our events for this Spring: St. Jude Awareness Week, Delta Drive-In, and Casino Night. As a member of the PR Team, I promote Tri Delta's partnership with St. Jude and spread awareness about the wonderful research and treatment the hospital does for pediatric cancer patients. This January, I also had the privilege of attending the St. Jude Collegiate Leadership Seminar in Memphis, TN where I was able to tour the hospital, meet patients, and learn all about St. Jude and effective ways to fundraise. I am so excited to be Pi Chapter's Philanthropy Chair for 2014!

Claire Quinata

External Philanthropy Chairman

My job as External Philanthropy Chairman is to let the girls in the house know about any external philanthropy events going on both in the Greek community, as well as on campus and coordinate our chapter's participation in all events. I also work closely with our Internal Philanthropy Chairman and co-chair the Philanthropy Committee.

Charlotte Hayward

Internal Social Chairman

As Internal Social Chairman, I work to plan date parties and formals for our chapter. I love brainstorming fun themes and costume ideas, and getting dressed up with my sisters for a night out in the city!

Cameron Tepper

External Social Chairman

As External Social Chairman, my duty is to coordinate events with fraternities as well as other sororities on campus. I enjoy meeting and collaborating with members of others houses, grounding our relations within the Greek community.

Chelsea Evans

Activities Chairman

As Activities Chairman I am in charge of selling our parking spots during football games throughout their season, announcing and greeting our girls on their birthdays, and setting up our chapter's intramural teams. I enjoy my position because I love sports and getting other girls involved.

Danielle Shapiro

Chapter Correspondent

I correspond with other sororities on campus by sending them various messages and gifts throughout the year, write for the national Delta Delta Delta Newsletter "The Trident" as well as our own chapter's newsletter, and send out invitations and thank you notes.

Sam Rosa

Body Image Coordinator

As Body Image Coordinator, my job is to educate the chapter, as well as individual members, regarding Tri Delta’s BodyImage3D initiative (BI3D). BI3D is a multi-dimensional approach to body image awareness and education. I essentially serve as a positive influence and role model who exemplifies the healthy ideal in and among the chapter and its members. I appreciate Tri Delta's BI3D initiative; I believe it is here to create a more positive, comfortable environment for us to live in and I am truly grateful for my position in this chapter. I love that I have this grand opportunity to promote the healthy ideal amongst not only members of Tri Delta, but also members of my community.

Grace Horvath

Sustainability Chairman

My main responsibility is educating the chapter on environmental issues. I aim to make our house more sustainable by improving our waste sorting and reducing energy usage. This year, I am starting an herb garden so our meals can have locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Julia Scheinman

Judicial Committee Representative

I serve on a Panhellenic committee made up of one member from every PHC sorority on campus. Together, we review the Panhellenic bylaws and rule on cases of alleged violations of these bylaws by houses or by individuals. In addition, we work to educate every sorority woman at Cal about these bylaws in an accurate and engaging way.

Grace Harrison

Assistant New Member Educator

As the assistant to the New Member Educator, I help her in her duties, which include welcoming the new members into Tri Delta. I help teach them about the mottos, symbols, and our sisterhood in weekly meetings. I love my job because I get to be one of the first to meet and hang out with all the new members!

Carley Mashore

Assistant Philanthropy

Caroline Fogarty

Recruitment Chair

As Tridelta's Recruitment Chair I work in tandem with the Vice President of Membership to organize all of our chapter's recruitment events. I coordinate Fall Formal Recruitment with the Panhellenic community and also plan a less formal Spring Recruitment. This position is so rewarding because recruitment strengthens our sisterhood while finding amazing young women to become a part of it as well.

Shiva Shabak

Assistant Member Development

As Assistant Member Development, I am responsible for organizing Delta Dates which I hope will further strengthen our chapter's sisterhood through bonding with different individuals throughout the house. I also assist the Member Development Chairmen in organizing and running sisterhood events throughout the year. I love this position because it allows me help people connect with one another, especially new members.

Jackie Tarsitano

Assistant Risk Manager

As the Assistant Risk Manager, my job is to help the Risk Manager assure the safety of our house. This may be through proper education events mandated for our chapter to participate in or just general safety measures taken within the house.

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